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Cervicogenic headache and chiropractic

Cervicogenic headache and chiropractic

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Headache is a common pain symptom, and a recent study shows that chiropractic can alleviate certain kinds of headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches originate in the neck, and they often start with some kind of neck injury due to trauma or an auto collision.

Researchers in this new study worked with 80 patients with chronic cervicogenic headaches. Patients received either chiropractic adjustments or light massage.

Patients in the chiropractic group improved substantially more than massage patients. Not only did chiropractic patients have better scores on pain and disability tests, they also experienced a 50% reduction in overall symptoms.  By the end of the study, they had a 33% reduction in medication usage.

Chiropractic restores the normal flexibility and function of the spine to relieve cervicogenic head pain. If you’re suffering from headache, chiropractic can be a safe and effective way to treat pain and improve your health.

Haas M, Spegman A, Peterson D, Aickin M, Vavrek D. Dose response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for chronic cervicogenic headache: a pilot randomized controlled trial. The Spine Journal 2010; 10: 117-128.

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