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Most Respected Bloomington Chiropracters Pain Relief - No Drugs Or Surgery

Most Respected Bloomington Chiropracters Pain Relief – No Drugs Or Surgery

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If you are looking for a skilled yet gentle Bloomington chiropractor, our caring Chiropractic team is here to help! Here are links to some of our most popular services: lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain and shoulder pain for a peaceful Chiropractic experience. In business for over 25 years, Bloomington Neurospinal Chiropractic Clinic provides patients with attentive and safe chiropractic care in the Bloomington, IN area. We are passionate about helping the community reach optimum health levels by improving spinal and central nervous system function through chiropractic care. Our friendly and energetic staff along with a comfortable atmosphere make total body wellness a truly inspiring adventure.

Gentle Bloomington Chiropractors Who Care

Drs. Gregory C. Morrow, D.C. and Craig F. Morrow, D.C. practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that can include patient examination, treatment through spinal manipulation, in office X-Ray, blood work, and modern physical therapy modalities.

What Our Clients Say

What was your problem?

I had very tight hamstrings in both legs, lower back problems and achilles tendonitis.

Why did you choose our office?

I chose this office because Dr. Gregory Morrow is our neighbor and we know he is a nice guy and really knows what he is talking about.

What has happened since you started treatment?

My hamstrings and achilles have drastically improved. I am more flexible now than I have ever been in my life.

Why would you recommend Dr. Morrow?

I would recommend Dr. Morrow because of their expertise and because they helped my father and I.


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Bloomington Neurospinal Chiropractic Clinic
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