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Bloomington Sciatica

Bloomington Sciatica

Bloomington Chiropractors -Dr. Craig Morrow and Dr. Greg Morrow, can treat sciatic nerve pain  non-surgically and gently with a technique  called spinal decompression.  We also have over 30 years experience helping patients recover from sciatica, using such treatments as spinal and hip adjustments, traction, heat and ice therapy, therapeutic massage, electromuscular stimulation,  and physical therapy education.

What are Symptoms or Signs of Sciatica?

Symptoms of sciatica vary from one person to the next. Symptoms range from sharp or tingling pain, weakness or numbness in the back, leg, buttock, hip, knee or heel to muscle spasms.

Sciatic pain can be intense and debilitating or chronic, dull and achy. The pain may be associated to a particular activity or position or it can simply begin and end without any apparent event or cause.

People experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the low back and buttocks – sometimes severe
  • Muscle spasms  – often are  agonizing and debilitating
  • Numbness,  tingling,  and  or weakness in lower limbs
  • Sporadic sharp pain or mild pain
  • Prolonged dull pain
  • Thigh spasms and Burning sensation in the thigh
  • Pain diverging from backside that shoots down legs
  • Pain in the heel with difficulty lifting it
  • Numbness or Pain in the outer portion of the foot on stricken side

In Bloomington  (and Southern Indiana),  our doctors provide proven, effective and natural treatment for sciatica.


Contact Dr. Morrow for your sciatica evaluation and treatment.

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