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Bloomington Shoulder Pain

Bloomington Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a leading complaint in many people, not just athletes. Our dedicated team will help identify the cause of your shoulder pain and help discover any underlying issues with the pain. Then we will develop a treatment plan for relief. An individual can have any type of shoulder pain, from muscular pain to a rotator cuff problem.

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

One method that is used by chiropractors such as Dr. Morrow in Bloomington is applying different amounts of pressure on various trigger points in and around the shoulder. The chiropractor does this in order to see whether more than one region in or around the shoulder area is effected and how best it can be treated with chiropractic care. Treatments and therapies administered by a chiropractor are designed to restore body alignment while relieving pain and improving overall mobility. Certain chiropractic techniques can relieve the pressure that causes the shoulder pain. This may involve applying massage and gentle pressure to reposition misaligned vertebrae.
Common injuries such as rotator cuff and frozen shoulders are suffered from this common injury in which the shoulder cannot freely move in the manner in which it is designed.

Follow Up Therapy

Follow-up therapy at home may include use of heat or ice packs, massage, stretching, or strengthening exercises. No matter which course of treatment your chiropractor chooses, rest assured that relief is mostly prompt and additional therapy at home will only serve to improve the healing.

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